Jeff Guymon Awarded Emery County Employee of the Month


Commissioner Ethan Migliori announced on Tuesday at the Emery County Commission meeting that the September employee of the month is Jeff Guymon. “This is very well deserved. He has been a great employee for many years,” Migliori stated.

Guymon has worked for Emery County for 14 years as the IS/GIS director/network engineer. During this time, he has proven his dedication to his job. He is the go-to person for everyone in the courthouse. On any given day, someone may find him working on the network, unloading a delivery truck, assembling a desk, crawling under the courthouse, crawling in the ceiling to run wires, and, on occasion, digging a grave in the cemetery.

The county wanted to emphasize that he is honest and very prompt, conscientious and always looking for ways to save the taxpayers money. Guymon truly cares about his job. Along with the public he serves and his coworkers, he goes out of his way to make sure all the county computers are functioning at full capacity and are virus free.

In addition, Migliori explained that Guymon is respectful and would do anything for anyone. Emery County is proud of the work Guymon does as the IS/GIS department head. According to Migliori, he is one of the best in the state and is an employee that will always go above and beyond the numerous requests from the departments in the county.
Guymon received a plaque and certificate from commissioners Jeff Horrocks, JR Nelson and Ethan Migliori.

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