Jeff Wood Gives Weekly Update on Sheriff’s Office


By Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood

Spring is upon us and good things are starting to happen in Carbon County. The administrative team at the sheriff’s office has been working hard to cultivate good relationships with our fellow agencies and I think it shows in our community. All of our local law enforcement has been working well together and there is a positive feeling in the air. We are also reaching out to community partners and addressing the needs of Carbon County.

I want to thank Sgt. Brewer and Deputy Hreinson for their hard work in putting on a 40-hour firearms training last week. They were able to brave the wind and complete the training. A lot of work goes into these training sessions and I just wanted to thank them for all they do to provide quality training every time.

Chief Deputy Steele and I had an opportunity to meet with the hospital administration in a meeting hosted by Castleview Hospital along with other local law enforcement administrators. The hospital is a good community partner and a strong relationship has been formed with our local law enforcement team. The meeting went very well and we look forward to working closely with the hospital in the future.

The force-on-force training was a success with the help of USU Eastern Police and the college. We were able to host this training at the WETC facility and invited several local police agencies to train alongside us. Sgt. Adams, Sgt. Brewer, Sgt. Bogdin and Deputy Hreinson were able to put on this training and, once again, it was top notch. It is nice to have the opportunity to train with all local law enforcement because, in reality, that is the team we work with on a daily basis.

It was an honor to participate in the fallen officer memorial ride this year in Moab. The sheriff’s office was well represented as well as our local agencies. I want to thank everyone that was able to attend this event. It was a great tribute to those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as those who were injured in the line of duty and have fallen and gotten right back up. Whitney Waterfall and Jason Llewellyn deserve a special thanks for coordinating all of the accommodations and making the reservations for the trail ride.

It is a difficult time for law enforcement with all of the negative press that seems to follow this noble profession. We can never forget that even though our job is difficult at times, we are truly the leaders of our community. Law enforcement must always strive to lead the community in a positive direction. The sheriff’s office is dedicated to becoming a valuable member of the community and member of the law enforcement team in Carbon County. Through a collaborative effort, I am confident our local law enforcement team can conquer any challenges that come our way. Be safe out there and lead the community by a positive example.

Thanks for all you do.

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