Jerry Bob Simpson


Jerry Bob Simpson, born October 31, 1942 in Paris, Arkansas, passed away peacefully at Nathan Adelson Hospice on February 28, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. To the staff at Nathan Adelson Hospice, we are forever grateful for your care and compassion. Jerry was a father, a wonderful grandfather, brother and friend. He was an outstanding example of how to be your true self and his humor, laughter, sarcasm and wit will be missed by all who knew him.

After moving from Arkansas in 1948, his family settled in East Carbon County, Utah, where his father went to work in the coal mines. He had a great time with his siblings and family, while forging lifelong friendships. After graduating East Carbon High in 1961, he decided to give Vegas a spin.

Jerry had many passions in life: his son, his grandkids, golf, real estate and maybe even the wilder side of Vegas. Ha! His passion for the glitz and glamour old Vegas had to offer led him to embrace the lifestyle of the gaming profession in the early ‘60s. He broke in as a dealer at The Mint, then spent 20 years as a dealer at The Sahara, then worked his way up to be a casino manager at The MGM and Bourbon Street. Through the gaming industry, he was able to meet many people he called friends to golf around the Valley with and went out as often as he could…”as long as it wasn’t over 105.”

He also had a successful run at real estate, holding properties throughout Boulder City, Vegas and Henderson. During that time, he had his son, Jason. Having Jason was his greatest joy, even naming one of his properties the “Jason Arms,” until his grandkids were born. At that time, JR and Alexandra forever stole his heart. He was so proud to always show his tattoos of his grandkids’ names, even if he did have to correct the spelling of one by covering an extra letter with a rose.

Jerry is preceded in death by his parents, Edna and Harry Simpson, and his sister Lana Campbell. He is survived by his loving son, Jason Simpson; his grandkids, Jason Simpson Jr. and Alexandra Simpson; and his brother Kenny Simpson.

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