John Wesley Powell River History Museum Receives Grant from Office of Outdoor Recreation


Photo shows a trip to Arches National Park taken in the summer of 2016. The trip was for younger children, otherwise known as the Goblin Gang.

Press Release

Green River, UT – The John Wesley Powell River History Museum has received a $7,500 Outdoor Recreation Youth Programs Grant from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation. The funds will be used to support the development of Crookham Crew, a new program that facilitates hiking, canoeing, fishing and camping trips for local 7-12th graders. The grant will cover costs of supplies as well as ensure the program can be offered at no cost to participants. Additional support for the program will be provided by Green River PACT.

Crookham Crew gets its name from “Big George” Crookham, an early mentor to explorer John Wesley Powell. When Powell’s family moved to Ohio during his youth, they met Big George. When Crookham first came to Ohio, he was fascinated by the local natural environment and taught himself all he could. He built a school and museum where he took on private pupils, including John Wesley Powell. Powell accompanied Crookham out into nature where he learned to identify plants, rocks and bird songs. But most importantly, Crookham sparked his sense of curiosity and adventure, which would drive his future expeditions west. Through weekly hiking, canoeing, fishing or camping trips, Crookham Crew hopes to inspire a similar curiosity and love of nature and adventure in its participants.

“We’re really hopeful about the success of Crookham Crew. We’ve seen great success with similar programs for younger students,“ said museum executive director Tim Glenn.

The program is open to 7-12th graders and will have three, ten-week sessions, one each in the spring, summer and fall. Crookham Crew will meet on Fridays after school in the spring and fall and Friday mornings in the summer. Anyone interested in participating should contact Mollie Fullerton, the education and programs manager at the John Wesley Powell River History Museum.

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