Join the Castle Country Chapter of the Utah Friends of Paleontology


Logo courtesy of BJ Nicholls

The USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum recently announced that they are reviving the Castle Country Chapter of the Utah Friends of Paleontology (UFOP) in Price.

Josh Lively, Curator of Paleontology, stated that the UFOP is a statewide volunteer organization with the goal of promoting and protecting fossil resources in Utah by engaging members of the public in paleontology directly. He remarked that UFOP accomplishes this by providing opportunities to work with paleontologists in a myriad of ways, such as in the field, laboratory, museum collections and more.

“With UFOP chapters across the state, us here at the Prehistoric Museum are reviving the Price chapter to engage our community with the amazing geological and paleontological resources that surround us here in Castle Country,” Lively stated.

He continued by stating that paleontologists come from all around the world to conduct research, collect fossils and take them to their home museums here in Carbon, Emery and Grand counties. According to Lively, from the museum’s founding 60 years ago, it has been a community-drive institution that has focused on the resources that are in Southeast Utah.

“By bringing UFOP back to Price, we have the opportunity to grow our direct involvement with fossil-lovers from Helper to Emery and build an increased appreciation for the world-class paleontology and geology right here in our backyard,” said Lively.

Those that are interested in being a part of the UFOP may contact Lively at or click here and select the Castle Country Chapter at checkout.

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