Jordan Buscarini Dethrones Frankie Tapia for Pooch and Hooch Pinball Championship


Press Release

Jordan Buscarini defeated the field of 16 players, including reigning champion Frankie Tapia, to secure the win in the second Pooch and Hooch Pinball Championship Tournament Saturday night in Price.

Improving on his fourth-place finish during August’s inaugural tournament, Buscarini finished the qualifying rounds as the No. 1 seed. After barely squeaking by the first round of tournament play, Buscarini rolled through the final three rounds to earn the title.

Tapia, who entered the tournament as the current champion, fell short of the championship table after being eliminated in the semifinals. Sonny Buscarini finished second and Jamill Tapia ended in third.

The tournament’s format featured five pinball machines and a total of ten rounds. The field of 16 was cut to eight after the qualifying rounds. From that point on, two players were eliminated until the final player remained.

Pooch and Hooch Pinball Association is a league that pits Eastern Utah’s elite pinball players in a marathon type setting. The league holds a competition once every three months, setting up the overall winner for the season after the fourth tournament.

The next pinball competition is scheduled to return in February.

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