JR Nelson Gives Farewell Address at Emery County Public Lands Council


On Tuesday, commissioner JR Nelson stood before the Emery County Public Lands Council to give his farewell address.

Keith Brady edged out Nelson in the November election for Emery County Commissioner. The Emery County Commission meeting on December 16 will be the last for Nelson before Brady steps in.

Nelson stated that during his four years as commissioner, he was overwhelmed by the amount of service donated to Emery County by people such as members of the public lands council.

Many of the members either take vacation hours from work or work late into the night to donate time to the council. Others agencies recruit volunteers from the community.

“I just appreciate our federal and state agencies. Emery County would not function without great people like you doing the work,” Nelson stated. “If you have any sense at all, when you see a professional panel like this, step back and let them do their work.”

“Oh my goodness, we have good people working. Let’s let them work, hang with it,” Nelson said in closing.

Nelson also had an announcement before the meeting continued. He announced that he has already submitted his application to become a member of the Emery County Public Lands Council. Charles Semborski’s term has expired and he has elected to not re-apply for the position, which leaves an opening available on the council.

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