July 3 Commission Meeting a Short One for Carbon County

Carbon County Commissioners held a quick meeting July third.

A public hearing concerning Carbon County’s presentation of anВ application for funding, to design and construct a new courthouse/administration facility wasВ the main topic of the meeting.
The new design isn’t complete yet but is estimated to cost $19В million. Commissioners will be applying for a $6 million grant and aВ $6 million loan at 2%. The rest of the money will be provided asВ it becomes necessary.
Commissioners started originally thinking of building a new facilityВ because they have been having sewer line and electricity problems, theВ boiler is dead and there are also possible problems with mold. ThereВ isn’t any insulation in the walls of the building, so the extremeВ weather affects the heating and cooling in the building.
“We believe that the best course of action we could take is to justВ build a new courthouse,” said Commissioner John Jones.
Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo addressed the issue on behalf of the Price City Council.
“We would like for you to consider in your design plans, to come upВ with something to put on this corner,” Piccolo stated.
He went on to say,В “For the past few years we haveВ tried to revitalize main street, and we feel we have done a good jobВ at this point. The courthouse being on this corner has played aВ key role in that struggle. So with this move, the Price City CouncilВ would like to meet with the Commissioners to decide what will be goingВ in this facility in place of the courthouse.”
Commissioners agreed with the mayor and will be figuring out a dateВ soon to meet and discuss what will be put in place of the current courthouse.
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