August’s All Spruced Up Awards Given to Price Residents


The All Spruced Up yard awards for August were given to community members around Price on Thursday evening. The Price City Progress Committee selects a handful of yards monthly, judging them on a number of criteria including, but not limited to: neatness, most beautiful, display of water conservation and uniqueness.

When each award is given, Price City Council member Terry Willis takes the time to thank each resident for taking time and pride in their yard and improving the overall look of the community. July’s winner of the award were Kenny Labrum, Ron and Irene Fossat, and Troy and Julie Rosier.

Also a winner of the All Spruced Up award, Gordon Olson welcomed the committee into his backyard, where the true beauty lies hidden. With an array of metal works, plants and more, the backyard oasis has a unique flavor all created by Olson himself.

The winners were given a plaque for their yard that they are able to proudly display.


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