June 20 through June 26 Officially Deemed Pollinator Week in Utah


Gary R. Herbert, the governor of the state of Utah, has officially declared the week of June 20 to June 26 as the state’s Pollinator Week.

Pollinator species are classified as species such as birds and insects. They are essential in many aspects. Pollinators work in conjunction with farmers and ranchers in producing much of our food supply, also playing a contributing factor to our multimillion dollar agricultural industry.

They also play a vital role in sustaining healthy, bio-diverse ecosystems in our public lands, grasslands and national forests. These forests provide forage, fish and wildlife, water, timber and mineral resources as well as recreational opportunities.

Pollination is a very important part of the life cycle of plants. They cannot produce fruit or even seeds unless they are pollinated.

To assist with Pollinator Week, the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Pollinator Partnership and Utah State University, among others, provide food producers as well as beekeepers with wildlife and nature conservation assistance.

Collaborative efforts to protect native Utah pollinator species is highly encouraged through habitat conservation, public education about pollinator-friendly rural and urban landscapes and research.

According to the National Wildlife Federation’s website, planting native plants that are co-evolved with the native wildlife of your region greatly helps pollinators. Avoiding pesticides, planting milkweed and giving bees nesting places are all ways that can also help.

For more information on ways to assist during Pollinator Week, visit https://blog.nwf.org/2015/06/10-ways-to-save-pollinators/.

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