Junior High Honor Choir Students Share Their Talent


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Honor choir students from Canyon View and San Rafael junior high schools as well as Mont Harmon and Helper middle schools showed off their talent on Thursday evening.

The students had the opportunity of being taught by Jody Allred.

“It was a real boost to watch Mr. Allred in action,” said Canyon View choir teacher David Bird. “He spent two days teaching many wonderful choral techniques to the students and teachers as well. The students responded very well to Mr. Allred. The best part of an honor choir is that the students get to hear all of the things that we teach them on a daily basis from someone new and different.”

Not only was this a great learning experience for the students, but for the teachers as well. The choir teachers learned new techniques and different elements to help further their teaching practices.

“Another really nice attribute of the honor choir is that we are able to come together,” Bird stated. “We usually have a competitive disposition towards the other schools. When we come together as a choir and join in singing, we are united for a common purpose.”

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