Kade Dimick Wins IMCA Northern SportMod in AZ


Photo Courtesy of Payce Herrera Racing

Carbon County local Kade Dimick traveled to the Deuce of Clubs Thunder Raceway in Show Low, Arizona, over the weekend. On day one, he finished in the fifth spot in the heat race, giving him the number nine starting position in the A Feature 1 race. Dimick rallied after a late restart, moving himself up eight positions, solidifying the win in 20 laps.

Also from Carbon County, Payce Herrera attended the event, racing in the IMCA Hobby Stock. Herrera finished first in his heat race, giving him the number five position in the main. Payce would go up six positions in the A Feature 1, ending his day finishing in the third position overall on Friday night.

On Saturday, Dimick placed second in his heat race for the IMCA Northern SportMod. Starting in the tenth spot, he would get through seven position changes. He finished third place in the final day after a tough battle at the end of the race, going three wide for several laps. Herrera would get the second-place finish in his heat race, getting him the ninth position start on day two. Herrera went up five spots, giving him the fourth overall finish in the Hobby Stock.

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