Karl Burnside Awarded for Super Service


Shanny Wilson, Carbon County’s Economic Development and Tourism Director, presented the first Tourism Super Service award recipient for 2023 during Wednesday’s commission meeting.

Wilson began by saying that she did not know if anyone from USU Eastern had ever been nominated for the award before, but that she submitted the nomination personally. She previously worked side-by-side with the recipient, Karl Burnside, for many years and stated that words cannot describe how amazing he is.

Burnside is an Accessibility Consultant for the Disability Resource Center on campus and has helped a great number of students throughout the years. Wilson stated that he continually goes beyond the call of duty and helps students find their purpose and succeed academically. Continuing, Wilson said that Burnside is not only a great student advocate, but that he is also a great friend and listener.

“I highly recommended him for this award and I’m really glad he was chosen,” said Wilson.

Accepting the award, Burnside stated that it was not expected. He thanked the commissioners for the honor and said that is it was great to be recognized.

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