Keep Moving Forward


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

As the Dinos step back on the gridiron, they are focused on improvement. “I want us to keep moving forward, I don’t ever want to move back,” said head coach Phil Howa.

Howa and company have put together three wins in two seasons, and they are hoping to exceed that total this fall. “I think we’re further ahead than we’ve been the last couple of years,” began Howa. “A good group of kids showed up and learned the offense and the defense.”

There is some talent in the skills positions, both outside and in the backfield. When talking about a strength of the team, Howa replied, “We have fast kids that can catch, a quarterback that can throw and a couple good running backs. We have kids that can do multiple things.”

The question will be, will the signal caller have time in the pocket to make those throws, or will the running backs have lanes to run through? “I wish we were a little older, heavier on the o-line,” remarked Howa.

While the Dinos are part of a tough region, the schedule is set up for Carbon to find success early. The Dinos expect to compete in the preseason and pick up some wins. They’d like to build some positive momentum that will help them through region play. “I got a good group of coaches that are willing to coach,” Howa continued. “We’re going to be competitive and do our best.”

“Nobody wants to lose, that’s not why we practice. But there is more to sports than winning and losing,” Howa concluded. “It’s teaching character, discipline and work ethic. And I believe that’s the thing we’re teaching: character, class and good, hard work. That will never leave you. That’s my coaching philosophy.”

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