Kenilworth to Receive Possible Improvements in the Near Future


Carol Sommer approached Carbon County Commissioners on Wednesday to request a county lot in Kenilworth. Sommer explained that the lot would be taken under the wing of Kenilworth citizens to be cleaned and receive picnic tables, horseshoe pits and more at no cost to the county.

The lot that Sommer is requesting is currently unused by the county. However, children in Kenilworth frequent the area to use swings that are currently in place.

“Everyone I have talked to is in favor of this park,” said Sommor. She went on to explain that various companies have agreed to sell products to the project at cost while Kenilworth citizens would be willing to pay the fees to renovate the lot, leaving no cost to the county.

Commissioners generally liked the prospect of cleaning up and adding various features to the lot. However, Commissioner John Jones expressed concern regarding another group that has approached the commission regarding another park in Kenilworth in a different location. He explained that it might be better for the two to join forces, receive help from the county and have only one park.

“I’m not opposed to looking at one park in Kenilworth,” he said. “As we look at building a park, I would like to look at one facility.”

Sommer counteracted by saying the lot would not turn into a full park with playground equipment. It would simply by a small area for gatherings and horseshoe games.

Upon that, commissioners voted in favor of Sommer and her crew improving the lot pending a review from planning and zoning for liability purposes. After the review, the county will make firm plans to go ahead with the project.

Also at the commission meeting, employees of the month were honored. Usually, only one person receives the honor. This month was a little different with an entire department earning the award.

The Carbon County Maintenance Department was chosen for their hard work and dedication to the county.

“Everything that doesn’t fall in another department falls on these guys,” Jones explained. “They are the catch all.”

Additionally, Carbon County Resource Manager Rose Barnes was recognized as an employee of the month for her dedication, willingness to work and care for county employees.

“She has been great to work with,” Jones commented.

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