Kerr Leads Panthers in Win


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

It had been a couple of tough weeks for Pinnacle, but the Panthers turned it around on Monday. With Diamond Ranch Academy (DRA) in town, the Panthers won the first set 25-22. Pinnacle continued its control with a 25-18 pounding in the second set.

The match turned interesting in the third with the Diamondbacks backed in a corner. The teams traded points down the stretch, but DRA pulled ahead to win 28-26. Again, the fourth was tightly contested. Back-and-forth it went until Pinnacle pulled away with a 28-26 set win to take the match 3-1.

Freshman Heather Kerr led the Panthers with six kills and four aces while Ashlyn Behunin matched that four ace total. Setter Darolani Motte did a good job putting the ball in playable spots and logged nine assists in the match.

The Panthers (3-11, 0-3) will remain home to play Monument Valley (3-3, 1-1) on Friday.

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