The Case of the Kidnapped Corgi


PCPD Press Release

On Dec. 30, Price City resident Clint Motte discovered his female, two-yea- old, black and white Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Cali was missing from his fenced back yard. Motte employed several typical lost and found remedies with the aid of family members. On Jan. 5, a Price resident reported seeing Cali in the company of a known male, also a resident of Price. This resident allegedly gave an explanation of how he came into possession of Cali.

Price City Police Officer Randy Salyer was contacted about the theft on Jan. 5. Salyer verified the chip registration from the California breeder that Motte purchased Cali from. Salyer began investigating and was able to ascertain that the known suspect had gotten a ride, along with Cali, to Grand Junction, CO. on Jan. 4.

Officer Salyer contacted Grand Junction Police, who were familiar with the known suspect, and they began searching for him in likely locations.

Officer Salyer was actually put in contact with the known suspect from interested citizens and the case was allegedly discussed. Later on the afternoon of Jan. 4, Grand Junction PD facilitated contact between Motte and the known suspect, and he was able to retrieve Cali and bring her home to Price.

Officer Salyer has prepared a report that has been submitted to the Carbon County Attorney’s Office for review of potential charges against the known suspect as a third degree felony theft based on Cali’s value.

The suspect will not be named at this time since no arrest or formal charges have been made.

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