Kirk Sitterud Honored for Years of Service at Retirement Open House


By Julie Johansen

Friends, family, coworkers and associates congratulated Emery School District Superintendent Kirk Sitterud at an open house Thursday.

The afternoon was hosted by district office personnel and held at the Emery High auditorium. After nearly 45 years in education, with the last 19 years as superintendent, Sitterud plans to officially retire on July 1.

When asked about his retirement plans, Sitterud commented that he has a long list of things he hopes to do. His wife, Karen, teased that she also has a long list of things she hopes he’ll do. Sitterud was surrounded by children and grandchildren at the open house.

A display of photographs took many attendees down memory lane in their years of association with the superintendent, showing his years as a teacher, principal and curriculum director.

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