K’s For Kenzlee Organized to Benefit the Cook Family


The Carbon County community has rallied together in a number of ways to raise funds for the Cook family whose four-year-old daughter Kenzlee was diagnosed with an inoperable pediatric tumor on her brain stem. This has been accomplished in a number of ways, including a princess tea party, benefits during Helper’s First Friday events, a poker ride and more.

Local Amanda Paiz has recently made the decision to host her own benefit for Kenzlee and her family. There will be three fundraisers surrounding Paiz’s training for a 5K, 10K and half marathon. As she trains for the 5K, she requests pledges of $.05 for each mile she runs. Subsequently, the 10K will be $.10 for each mile and the half will be $.50 for each mile.

Paiz has explained that those pledging will be able to choose the weeks that they contribute. Paiz will post videos of how many miles she’s ran for each with the hopes that the pledges will be matched by sponsors.

Financially-able businesses and individuals are being asked to pledge to match a donation up to a certain amount for each milestone that Paiz achieves. These milestones will be after each benchmark is complete. All donations will directly benefit the Cook family.

For more information and to spread the word on this fundraiser, follow Paiz’s Facebook page by clicking here.

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