Kurt Alan Morris Pleads Guilty after Shooting His Brother


Kurt Alan Morris, 55, plead guilty to first degree murder in 7th district court on Monday.

On September 5, Morris was discovered by police in his home after a neighbor reported suspicious behavior, because of a hose running from an exhaust pipe into the window of Morris’s home in Carbonville.

When police arrived on scene they found В him unconcious on the bedroom floor, and brought him into fresh air where paramedics were able to revive him. When Morris came to he eventually told authorities that his brother was still inside the home. When a deputy re-enterd the home they found a second bedroom that was sealed off with plastic and duct tape. Inside the room was the body of Kurt’s brother, 50-year-old, Jack Roger Morris.

After the investigation and autposy were complete, it was found that Jack Morris had been shot three times with a shotgun, over two weeks before he was found. When Kurt Morris was taken into custody, Chief Deputy Tom Stefanoff (CCSO) said the suspect was extremely cooperative. Morris told police he had terminal cancer and had been fighting a battle withВ prescriptionВ drugs. When his brother had thought about leaving the area, Morris worried how he would obtain hisВ medicationВ and theВ conversationВ lead to an altercation, which ultimately lead to the death of Jack Morris.

After his guilty plea for the murder of Jack Morris, Kurt Alan Morris asked for immediate sentencing and will now serve 15 years to life in prison.

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