Lady Eagles Go 1-3 Against Southern Nevada Coyotes


Photo by Jeff Barrett

By Kenzie Dorney – USU Eastern Athletics

Game 1

USU Eastern took a tough 6-5 loss against the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is the first game of a four-game series last week.

Despite a four-run deficit in the first inning, the Lady Eagles fought back. Scoring five runs on a single by sophomore Regan Bossow in the second, a triple by Bossow in the fifth and a home run by freshman Morgan Tanner in the sixth, USUE was right in it until CSN homered in the sixth.

Freshman Emma Marchant took the loss for the Lady Eagles. She went six innings, allowing five runs on six hits, striking out six and walking zero. Freshman Gigi Canales had a clutch home run robbing catch in the sixth to keep the game tied.

USU Eastern racked up seven hits on the day. Bossow and Canales each racked up multiple hits with two apiece to lead the Lady Eagles. The team had five RBIs, five walks, five singles and team average of .250.


“We left too many runners on. Our pitchers got better as the game went on and the hitters need to match it. We need to make the routine plays that are given to us, but we put up a good fight,” said head coach Shelby Shurtliff.

Game 2

The Lady Eagles got a late lead for a 6-4 victory in game two.

USU Eastern took the lead late in the game. The game was tied at four with the Lady Eagles batting in the top of the seventh when freshman Morgan Tanner doubled, scoring two runs.

Sophomore Nyah DeRyke earned the win, going seven innings, allowing four runs on five hits and striking out two.

USU Eastern had ten hits in the game. Freshman Marisa Bowman, sophomore Josie Hiatt and Tanner all managed multiple hits as Bowman led the Lady Eagles with three hits in four at bats. The team had six RBIs, three walks and an average of .333.


“We finally strung our hits together and we did a great job at keeping the batters off balance on offense,” coach Shurtliff said.

Game 3

The Lady Eagles watched the game slip away in an 11-3 loss in game three.

USU Eastern stayed in it until the end, but CSN pulled away late with the win. The game was tied at two in the bottom of the fourth.

The Lady Eagles got things moving in the first inning when freshman Marisa Bowman singled, scoring one. USU Eastern answered back when freshman Minerva Cruz doubled, scoring one. After the Lady Eagles scored, CSN scored one of their own.

Sophomore Nyah DeRyke took the loss, going four and two thirds innings, allowing five runs on five hits and striking out two. Freshman Gigi Canales came up with a clutch catch in left field, robbing another home run.

USU Eastern scattered eights hits in the game. Cruz and sophomore Shayna Alofipo each collected multiple hits for the Lady Eagles with two apiece to lead Eastern.

The Lady Eagles had 28 plate appearances and 25 at bats with an average of .320. There was a total of seven singles, one double, three RBIs and two walks.


“We played a good game until the end. When our pitching does a good job giving us outs, our defense has to make plays,” said coach Shurtliff.

Game 4

USU Eastern took a tough 6-5 loss to CSN in game four. The Lady Eagles lost the lead late in the defeat.

Sophomore Nyah DeRyke took the loss for USU Eastern, going 2 1/3 innings, allowing two runs on three hits, striking out one and walking one. Freshman Madie Luck started the game. She went 3 2/3 innings, allowing three runs on five hits.

The Lady Eagles collected eight hits. Freshman Gigi Canales and sophomore Josie Hiatt each had multiple hits for Eastern with two hits apiece to lead the Lady Eagles. They had 37 plates appearances and 31 at bats with three RBIs, four runs and four walks.


“We keep putting ourselves in positions to win; we just have to score our runners throughout the whole game,” coach Shurtliff said.

The Lady Eagles will take the field at home this week against the College of Southern Idaho on Friday, April 2 at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

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