Lady Panthers Upended by Longhorns


ETV 10 News stock photo

In Tuesday’s round of nonregion action‭, ‬the Pinnacle girls‭’ ‬basketball team traveled to Altamont to faceoff against the Longhorns‭, ‬hoping to secure their second win of the season‭.‬

The hope of victory‭, ‬however‭, ‬was not to be as Pinnacle fought a battle that ended in a 59-17‭ ‬defeat‭.‬

Lady Panther Stephanie Sasser managed to notch six points throughout the game and led her teammates in scoring‭.‬

The end of the second found Altamont leading by over 20‭ ‬points‭, ‬31-9‭. ‬Pinnacle would only manage to put up five in the second and four in the third and fourth‭. ‬Altamont continued their lead‭, ‬however‭, ‬dominating second and third quarters before securing the‭ ‬win‭.‬

Pinnacle will continue their 2016‭ ‬season by hosting Rockwell on Thursday‭.‬

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