Lady Pirates Ready to Hit the Open Waters


ETV News stock photo by Robin Hunt

The Lady Pirates are ready to board the ship for another volleyball voyage. While there are many returners on the crew, there will be some new faces as well, including head coach Sheri Vetere.

“We’re going to have a pretty good team,” said Vetere. “We have Abby [Erwin] and Kassidy [Lehnhoff], who are two seniors that have played since they were freshman. Then, we have two juniors that are coming back that were really big assets last year, Laura [Martinez] and Lili [Mendez]. We’ve added Emily, and she’s moved from Moab.”

Vetere continued, “Then, we have Elli [Tellez], our libero, and I’m excited because she can pick up just about anything. We also have a freshman playing with us, Rosa. She is amazing, she’s a scrapper. She’s going to be really good.”

While Vetere might feel uneasy stepping into the new role, she already has a good foundation with the team. She has built rapport with them as the athletic director and secretary, her other two duties at the school. “I’m a little nervous, but I love the girls. I’ve dealt with them all. As far as personalities and getting to know each other, we’re already there,” explained Vetere.

One thing is for certain, this group of girls gets along and fights for each other. “One of the strengths of the team is they work really well together. They help each other out, they talk, they’re ready to back each other up,” added Vetere.

The Pirates’ focus will be improving individually and collectively. “Our goal is to play hard and have fun,” Vetere remarked.

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