Lady Spartans Host Alumni Games


By Julie Johansen

The Lady Spartans hosted an alumni tournament on Tuesday. Team members from champion teams at Emery High in 2007, 2011 and 2019 added a few players to the roster, competing against each other and eventually the current Lady Spartans.

The first game was the 2007 team, coached by Steven Gordon, against the 2011 team, coached by Dean Stilson. The 2007 team was given a few bonus points to begin the game and the younger team never caught up. The second game featured the current Lady Spartan team, coached by Jon Faimalo, against the 2019 champion team and several of the girls that played at Emery High last year, coached by Lynn Tuttle.

Once again, a few bonus points were given to the older team and the current Lady Spartan team challenged but never quite made up the difference. The games were played in halves with only one shot for each foul, which counted for two points if made. The shot clock was also used in the second game.

The final game was played between the winners of the two games and the older girls were victorious again. This was a fundraiser for the Lady Spartans and was the second annual tournament hosted by the school.

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