Lady Spartans Sweep the Course at Home; Remain Undefeated in Region Play


Emery High faced Grand and San Juan on the golf course on Thursday for its only home game of the season. The Lady Spartans swept the board, grabbing a win and extending their undefeated status.

All six varsity players scored over 20 points, earning Emery 98 points when the top four scores were added up. Taijah Price and Sidnee Condor grabbed 26 for Emery, Sarah Swasey had 24, Sydnee Guymon scored 22, Sidney Timothy had 21 and Alyssa Garrett finished with 20.

“Taijah really stood out at the game,” coach Tom Hansen commented. “She was really sick and still managed to have the best score of the day. Sarah also did really well. She scored 24, the best she has done all season.”

According to Hansen, only one other competitor from visiting schools scored over 20 points during the game. Three junior varsity golfers also did well in the competition for Emery.

The Lady Spartans will travel to Monticello, San Juan’s home course, on Wednesday. Region competition will also be hosted in Monticello in the beginning of May.


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