Land issues are the subject in Carbon School Board Meeting


The Carbon School District Board celebrated success before it got down to business in its regular meeting Wednesday. The board focused on a few land issues.

Delynn Fielding, Carbon County Economic Development Director, came to seek board approval to forgo property tax revenue on a parcel of land on Ridge Road for a period of up to four years. There is a company that is looking to locate a plant which would convert coal to liquid fuel. Two parcels in Carbon County have possibilities with the land on Ridge Road meeting most of the specifications the company is looking for.

The production will need water, railroad access and natural gas. They could use water directly from the Wellington treatment facility. The rail line is already in place. There will still be up-front cost to the county if the company chooses this location.

The road needs to be widened, a turning lane installed and a gas line run to the property. Entities that would normally receive property tax money on that property would be agreeing to forgo it for a specified period of time. That property tax collected would be used for improvements required to prepare the area accommodate the facility.

The area would also need a legal description and would be placed in a Community Development Area (CDA). All improvements would only happen within the CDA. This agreement to forego taxes and make improvements would not happen unless there are signed contracts and agreements in place with the company.

Fielding was not able to state specifically what the loss in tax dollars would amount to for the district, but potential gain once the facility was in production would be substantial. The likelihood for 50 new jobs at higher than average wages would also be a boost for the local economy. The board gave full approval for 100% tax deferment for up to five years for the CDA.

In an unrelated land issue, Frandsen Engineering has been doing work for Helper City as they move forward with its public works project. They have identified some drainage issues on the property being considered for the new Helper Junior High. School District Superintendant Steve Carlson said that they are taking all the issues with the land under advisement and moving ahead cautiously.

“We are doing our due diligence on this,” he said. “The property is still in the mix and it is more likely it will be the one chosen, but it is still tenuous.”

KUSA and KASL radio presented the “Apples for Teachers“ award to Jared Chiara of Creekview Elementary School. Chiara was nominated by Creekview student Katie Jones.

Carbon High Sterling Scholar Faculty Advisor Terri Tubbs introduced the students that took part in the Sterling Scholar competition. Carbon High students took six of the top spots and are: Chantz Richens, English, Joecee Hail, Business and Marketing, Christian Johnston, Speech and Drama, Jake Carpenter, Music, Madison Alleman, Social Science, and Ashley Martinez, Foreign Language.

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