Lannie and Glenys Sitterud Named Honored Citizens at Emery Town Celebration


Press Release

Lannie and Glenys Sitterud, both lifelong residents of Emery County, moved their family to Emery in September, 1975. Glenys grew-up in Emery while Lannie grew-up in Huntington. They moved to Emery because Lannie was hired by Consolidation Coal Company, which was a few miles south of Emery. They stayed in Emery because they loved the people and the location.

Lannie was a member of the Emery Volunteer Fire Department, the Emery County Search and Rescue, and Consol’s award-winning mine rescue team. He was also a Blazer Scout Leader and part of the Young Men’s Presidency. Like many of the people in Emery, Lannie worked very hard to provide for his family, mostly as a coal miner but also at Mac’s Mining, in construction, and sealing up and restoring old mines around Utah. Lannie is an avid sportsman who loves fishing, hunting, camping and exploring the mountains and deserts around Emery. He is a wanderer who enjoys traveling to new places whenever he can. In the last few years, he has become a gardener who loves to grow beautiful roses and raspberries. You can also find him on the golf course or in his rock shed cutting and polishing his collection of rocks.

Glenys has also served the people of Emery in many capacities through the years. She was an EMT on the Emery ambulance crew, served on the Emery Town Council for 14 years and drove many of Emery’s children to school on the bus for many years. Along with other women in Emery, she is teaching the youth of Emery to sew quilt blocks and to make quilts. For the past few years, Glenys and her friends in town have made beautiful quilts that they use to raise money to provide children’s games and activities for the town’s Pioneer Days celebration. She is currently a member of the Emery Town Heritage Counsel, which is working to restore the Old Emery Church. Glenys loves the outdoors almost as much as her husband does and can spend all day on an ATV, even if it is raining, snowing or otherwise miserable weather. Like her husband, she is a wanderer, but unlike him, she will stop and read all of the historical markers along the way. Glenys’ grows a beautiful garden every year and she makes amazing pickles.

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