Large Cutthroat Trout Captured in Miller Flat Reservoir by DWR Biologists


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

On Friday, May 30, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources aquatics personnel gill-netted Miller Flat Reservoir.

Among the fish captured in their nets was a 27 inch, 6.5 lb. cutthroat trout. The attached photo shows this fish, held by DWR Aquatics Biologist Calvin Black.

Gill netting is a survey technique that gives aquatics managers a picture of the fish population in a body of water. When done year-after-year, trends can be identified.

Miller Flat Reservoir is situated in the Manti-La Sal National Forest in central Utah. At full pool, the reservoir encompasses 160 acres with a maximum depth of 64 feet.

Until this week, the reservoir had been blocked by lingering snow drifts across the access road.

Anglers, who may be anxious to take advantage of this rich fisheries resource, should bring along some Jakes and Kastmaster lures. They should also take some night crawlers and PowerBait as a back-up.

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