Andrew Lasslo Steps Back to Entertain Culture Connection Crowd


AndrewВ Lasslow is the lead singer of The New Lasslo Brothers Band, but heВ took a back seat on the stage Thursday evening during the Culture Connection performance.

“What will be way fun about tonight is that my buddy Jim is going to be the lead guy,” said Lasslo. “I’m just going to be playing the mandolin with Jim on a couple of songs tonight … When you’re the back up guy all you’ve got to do is play your part and it makes it that much easier.”

Lasslo explained a little about his performing history and how he has developed into the musician he is today.

“Many years ago I wasn’t as relaxed up there in front of people. But now, it sort of looks like I’d rather be up there than not. I’ve been the base player for a number of bands over the years and that’s always in the back. Up in front of a crowd, but not the lead guy. В Lately, I’ve been the lead guy,” said Lasslo.

Thursday’s performance was more of a chance for Lasslo and Jim to perform music they don’t normally perform. According to Lasslo, the music performed was learned only about a week and a half before the actual performance.

“I’ve often told people that I don’t mind practicing or learning in front of a crowd like this. A lot of musicians wouldn’t even think about getting out in front of an audience until they’ve got it perfect,” said Lasslo.В “I get it close sometimes, and think its a fun song, so I just go ahead and try it. В If we get it right, fine. If not, well we hope the crowd is out here because they love us more than they think we’re perfectionists.”

The night went off without a hitch and the two men are looking forward to next weeks performance where they will be playing with the rest of The New Lasslo Brothers Band.


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