Latest Emery County Sheriff’s Office Retiree Honored


On Friday morning, the Emery County Board of Commissioners hosted a special meeting to honor the retirement of a member of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO).

K9 Deputy Murphy retired following eight years of loyal service to the department and the community. Immediately following his retirement, the commissioners were happy to transfer his ownership from the county to his handler, deputy Blake Gardner.

“This is a somber day sending off Murphy, and next week will also be somber as Deputy Gardner will be retiring after serving the citizens of Emery County for 40 years,” stated Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk.

Deputy Murphy was recognized by the commissioners for his years of service. It was stated that transferring of ownership was just one way of showing how much they appreciated the service of the K9 team. The ECSO completed the announcement by wishing Murphy a happy retirement.

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