Laurie Tryon Announces Resignation as Carbon County Recorder


Recently, Carbon County Recorder Laurie Tryon announced her resignation.

Tryon served as the Price City Recorder for 10 years before being appointed for the county, serving four out of the six years for the term. Tryon’s reasoning for leaving the position was due to an out-of-area move.

Previously unaffiliated with a political party, Tryon joined the local Democratic Party prior to her resignation. This was in order to un-complicate the transition for a new recorder, as an unaffiliated status may have. Carbon County’s Chief Deputy Recorder, Karla Medley, is with the Democratic Party as well and was expressed to be Tryon’s obvious choice as a successor.

Medley has served more than 18 years and trained the last two recorders elected. The Democratic Party will ultimately make the choice for Tryon’s successor for the remainder of her office term, which is two years. Tryon expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to serve Carbon County.

The head of the local Democratic Party, Ed Chavez, is the contact for those that wish to be considered for the position. Chavez may be contacted through email at Submissions for the position must be received by Oct. 7 and candidates must have been registered with the Democratic Party as of Sept. 25.

Tryon’s replacement is slated to be appointed on Oct. 10 by the Carbon County Democratic Party Central Committee at the Sunnyside Union Hall beginning at 7 p.m.

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