Lee: Budget Control Act is a ‘Disappointing Failure’


On Tuesday, Utah Senator Mike Lee voted against The Budget Control Act. The following is a statement from Senator Lee on the Act, which he calls a “disappointing failure”:

“The Budget Control Act represents a disappointing failure on the part of this Congress. We have squandered the best opportunity we had to fundamentally reform the way Washington spends money and put the nation on a sustainable path toward a balanced budget.

“Instead, this bill increases our national debt by more than $2 trillion and cuts spending by only $7 billion over the same time period. There is no reliable enforcement mechanism for future spending reductions. We only have the hollow promises from a Congress that created the mess in the first place.

The Act contains neither a balanced budget amendment nor any other structural spending reform to end the federal government’s fiscal irresponsibility. Worse, it creates a ‘Super Congress’ with the power to submit legislation that cannot be amended and could raise taxes on the American people. This is not at all what we were elected to do.”

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