Lee Releases Videos on Supreme Court


Senator Mike Lee released the first in a series of videos giving viewers a behind-the-scenes discussion of the Supreme Court, its procedures, and the constitutional questions surrounding ObamaCare that will be before the court starting next week.

In the first video, Lee, a former Supreme Court Clerk, talks about how the court operates from the time oral arguments begin, to what each advocate can expect from the Justices, and what happens after the arguments are made and the Justices begin to debate the case.

“There is a lot of attention paid to how Congress works, but few understand all that goes into how decisions are made at the Supreme Court,” said Lee, whose father, Rex Lee, was a Solicitor General for President Ronald Reagan.  “This is where fundamental constitutional questions are decided, so it is a very important part of our system and our democracy. My hope is that through the use of video, and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, we can build a broad dialogue about the Court, the Constitution, and the protection of our liberties.”

Lee plans to release at least two more videos discussing the ObamaCare case in depth, and well as giving viewers a closer look at the role Supreme Court clerks play in the process.

To watch the videos, click here.

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