Letter to the Editor: A Brighter Future for Our Children


Regarding the previous story on tearing down the old Carbon County Rec building: I agree with the comment of making a safe place for the youth who are in need of help such a drug rehab and counseling, and some adults who are willing to teach the youth a trade of some sort.

Oh and yes Johnny or Susie, education really does matter in the real world of becoming grown up. However, Price and Carbon and Emery counties have always had issues with drugs or alcohol. Most of my immediate family lived and grew up there. Just talk to the many people in the area who have lost a son, daughter or other family member to drugs or alcohol.

We also had more options for an outlet to just have fun and be a kid, such as the roller skating rink in Wellington; not pretty, but fun. How about the drive in theater, and you could go bowling right next door? The church activities always included sports and good leaders who helped us with finding out who we were and who we could become someday. The 4H program, a few awesome school teachers and, neighbors… Yes we actually watched out for each other, and knew each other by name… Oh, and you could walk around town as a child and feel safe.

All of these things are possible, but everyone who lives there has to be involved or it won’t work. It is not just about money; it is about time and lots of effort. Even if you don’t have money, you can always find an hour or a few minutes to make a difference. If we start by talking about the issues, that is a great start. But if we choose to not participate, then it is just talk. If we put our words, feelings, creative thoughts and effort into action as a entire community, then there is hope for everyone and a brighter future for our children and future generations to come.

Just get involved; yes, that would actually mean that you have to participate somehow. Can we do a fundraiser or get government grant of some sort? I hear Facebook has a lot of power… I know you are on it. By the way –  what happened to all of that COVID money we may have got? Just think about it. Then do it!

Teresa Fulkerson

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