Letter to the Editor: Back Country Scenic Byway


Once upon a time, there was a Back Country Scenic Byway. It lives in the land called Carbon and Duchesne Counties. It is a land of crystal clear waters and lush meadows full of wildlife surrounded by majestic cliffs. People have lived on this land for thousands of years and they have left their history on the walls of the canyons. We will call them Native Americans. Then, settlers arrived and the Buffalo Soldiers turned the trails into roads for horses and wagons. Scholars have come from around the world to study these histories.

Now, there is a darkness falling upon the land. The darkness wants to destroy streams, meadows, the habitat for the wildlife and all of the histories. The Darkness wants to do this so it can line its pockets with gold coins. The Darkness will need friends with power to help him. Will they help him for a gold coin? Who will pay for the destruction and who can stop this destruction? The little people. We will call them the taxpayers. Please don’t let this be THE END of our Back Country Scenic Byway. The Darkness wants to do this with a product that is toxic and obsolete by running tanker trucks every 3 minutes through the canyons.

Diane Gorman
Price, Utah 

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