Letter to the Editor: Beauty in Castle Dale


Erma Brereton Jacobson was my paternal grandmother. If you know any Brereton’s, some are round but always funny people. My grandmother was no exception to these desirable family traits, she was 5-2’’, round and joyfully happy. Sitting in her favorite metal lawn chair, snapping beans for the dinner meal and wearing a duster apron, grandma had just paid the white uniformed Spudnut Donut Bicycle Boy for a dozen of Heaven’s fried holed glazed bread.

I was a young lad as I made my way to Grandma’s lap and opening arms. She asked what was wrong? I weepingly told her I hated ALL the neighborhood kids. Several had attempted to make me eat mud pies and the meanest one, a girl, had pushed me into the flowing irrigation ditch. In those days, these actions were called “welcome”. Today, it’s called bullying, whatever it was or whenever it happens… it hurts. Grandma wiped my sadness from my face and brushed my blond bang hair from my eyes. She tenderly and simply said these words… “You look for the good, you’ll find the good, you look for the bad you’ll find the bad…now pass me that sack.” I ate one Spudnut and Grandma finished the rest. Grandpa was coming home soon from a shift at the local steel mill plant and she didn’t want to get caught with the evidence. We put the empty sack in the neighbor’s garbage, thus my law enforcement career began…

As I recently read the newspaper article dated December 15, entitled ‘’Castle Dale pleads with the citizens to keep the vehicles off the street during winter storms season’’ and the accompanying photo. I saw the Buck and Lisa Taylor, the Clifford Price and Randy Hall homes.

The Taylors have five sons, all with lives, ambitions and lots of energy. The hardest and most challenging thing I have ever done was raise two step children. Buck is an amazing stepfather. I see a few cars and trucks parked on the road, all to see a mom and drive a step dad crazy. I image laughter around the kitchen table making plans to build a family garage and testosterone cave. A dad, boys working and mom feeding them… what I ask?… could be better than that?!

Clifford Prices’ cars are incredible. I remember seeing several cars in his non-conforming yard; the station wagon stirs fond memories. We had several O’ Vista Cruisers growing up. I hated the tire compartment under the third row seat. I and my brother use to hide there during the families drive-in theatre attendances. My father motivated us by saying the more kids hidden in that compartment, the more popcorn and candy was available once inside. I learned physics and the definition of mass…and my brother’s lack of hygiene?! I love the yellow IROC Z28 Camaro… more yard art competition!

Randy Hall is always moving. His horse trailer and equipment are in continuous motion just like his railroad occupation…. moving along down the track. Giddy up, partner!

As I walk home, from the Jones Hardware, (opps…equal billing is necessary,  Magnusson’s Lumber: I drive to your place) I past the local Bed and Breakfast. An amazing yellow and brown restored Ford Truck Billboard sits on the road. With license tags of 06/2009, I am saddened that time has pasted so quick. I need to get home soon to move my unregistered, unlicensed and non-insured Cadillac from the city road. With Chris Bingham gone to a new adventure up north, the new hire might hit a few cars snow plowing these five lane Castle Dale roads…. and I have the perfect place for that slant back trunk Cadillac… Grandpa Jake’s Cadillac Ledge, of course!

Another article that got my attention and dander, dated December 18, entitled ’’ Work continues on beautification Issues in Castle Dale.’’ Code Enforcement Officer JJ Manning states that he had identified over 26 violations, given several citations and was working with others for a 30-90 day continuance (of harassment…my flippant editorial addition).

Weeks prior, I had received several telephone calls and a personal visit to my private property from this CD City Representative. In this conversation, as Mr. Manning attempted to define the CD Beatification Code, I rudely interrupted him and began a rant of personal attacks upon this individual. I told him directly and loudly, that HE or ANY city ordinance was never going to define beauty for me! I then stated that I would define to him what was ugly, creepy and needed removal. My hand and finger pointed to the air uphill and stated the William and Charmaine Sharp house! I told him myself and others think that place should be burnt down to the ground, removed and hauled to the dump. Mr. Manning was in shock. I had obviously injured another being. Mr. Manning professionally and appropriately explained his families’ feelings toward the Sharp home of his beloved and affectionately missed in-laws. I was ashamed of myself. I was force fed, of my OWN doing, a full serving of my own self righteous “Private Property” demands and definition of crow pie. I apologized to him and vicariously to the Sharp family. On that day, at that moment, I learned a priceless and valued life lesson. Thank you Mr. JJ.

One more thing about the wonderful people in our valley of Castles, several weeks ago, I encouraged others to drive by my Door Castle, honk and wave. I assume you are all waving… Why am I assuming your waving? It’s three in the blessed morning and I’m NOT waving back! I Love red necks!

For nearly sixty years. I continue to walk through this journey we call life; I recall and reflect on those gentle words of my grandmother spoken many years ago…I have adapted them to my being, I now tell them to my young followers and you my neighbor next  “door”… Some people are good, some people are less good and Spudnut doughnuts are ‘ALWAYS’ good.

Sign me out, a little guy in an old man’s body… with tears in my eyes missing my cuddly grandma…

Carl A. Jacobson,
Castle Dale, Utah

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