Letter to the Editor: Carbon County Elections


I just wanted to express my appreciation to all of the employees in the Administration Building. We have great coworkers who are willing to jump in and help when needed.

I don’t know all who were behind the scenes, but I know Maintenance put up signs and ballot box barriers; IT (Barry, Erica and Steve), were there to keep traffic flowing, set up poll pads, do ballot processing, ballot box pickup, troubleshooting and brainstorming; Kellie and Kourtney jumped in and checked voters in, verified signatures, helped hand out ballots and on and on; Jessica from the Assessor’s Office jumped in to help after hours; the janitors kept the building clean; Mellissa ran and picked up ballots in Scofield, Helper and Wellington with Steve; Johna and Paula went to East Carbon and delivered ballots to help those residents who couldn’t get here have a chance to vote; Geni brought in dinner and answered phones; and the Scofield Town manager and mayor came down and picked up ballots and called each voter to come to Town Hall to vote.

We have wonderful people in this county who really care, who go the extra mile and who are overall understanding of the situation. One quick story: I saw an elderly lady struggling to stand in line hanging on to the arm of a man who I assumed was her son. I went out to move her to a chair and to bring her a ballot. As I asked the son if this was okay, he said “I’m not her son, she just needed help and I was in front of her in line,” He was going to make sure she had a chance to vote. We brought this lady a ballot, she voted and we walked her back to her car, informing her that in the future she can pull up and park and call our office for a ballot or whatever paperwork she may need help with.

That being said, the Clerk/Auditor deputy clerks were awesome and amazing. We ran ballots to voters in the parking lot for curbside voting, mostly accomplished by Mileena. Soleil took a struggling voter back to his car in our wheelchair, fixed express vote machines that timed out and took over so poll workers could take a break, and we all walked several people back to their cars to make sure they arrived safely. Johna provided orange juice to a man with low blood sugar and answered a million phone calls. Plus, they kept up on all of the other functions concerning voting and our office responsibilities.

None of this would have been possible without our poll workers. They worked tirelessly, kept the line moving and kept the voters in a good mood. They were smiling, welcoming and courteous. Election workers are often not appreciated, but we couldn’t do it without them. Debbie, Kathie, Julie, Janice, Jana, Alexis and Ellen were the real heroes in this story. We added hours and an entire day to their schedule on short notice and brought on two that were called the day before we needed them. They were amazing.

The U.S. Postal Service has been phenomenal. The local postmaster has kept in touch with our office. Kalvin, our carrier, kept us posted on what was going on and how many ballots he was seeing in the system. Ballots were walked into our office on Election Day to make sure all ballots were collected. We appreciate Kalvin and all of the services he extends to our offices every day he delivers the mail, but especially during election season. Kalvin goes above and beyond his professionalism in mail delivery.

And, of course, Seth had a day that kept on giving, including a new baby daughter. Congratulations to him for throwing a wrench into the party! But what a great blessing for his family and for a day that we will not forget. As we watch his daughter grow, we will remember her birth as a very special, although busy, day.

Congratulations to Commissioner Jensen, Commissioner Martines, and Seth and the others who had a successful campaign!

Lori Perez
Carbon County

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