Letter to the Editor: Castle Country Proud


You bet I am proud to be part of Castle Country, Utah.  Many great and some prominent people have originated here. Greatness is not dependent on prominence. Greatness is achieving good works of which the general public is not generally aware. Prominence is achieving good works of which much of the public is aware. Both, however, are predicated upon doing good works and I’m proud to be associated with the good people of Castle Valley.

Parents from Castle Country have achieved greatness by raising children who have become successful both here and across a much larger world. Obviously, many of our young men and women go throughout the world as missionaries. More permanently, our kids go into the world in a wide variety of capacities: e.g., a chief of operating officers for major airports, a regional manager of transportation for an international logistics company, several college professors, medical professionals (many of whom also practice locally), exporters of locally developed technology, a manufacturer’s representative for sophisticated medical devices, lawyers, teachers, businessmen, manufactures, etc.

We citizens perform much good, which allows our local society to function. We are people working in shops and stores, maintaining government and civil services, engaging in many different types of business and commerce. Our coal industry continues to involve many of us in production, transportation and storage. Many others of us work in power generation and transmission. Alright, everybody has to earn a living, but we are also doing good (for ourselves) when we recreate. I and many others enjoy hunting, fishing, dirt biking, off roading and photography. Others enjoy desert exploring, water sports, team sports, bicycling, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, trapping, etc.

Current people of prominence with Castle Country roots include:
Mack Wilberg, the music director for the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.
Paige Petersen, a Utah Supreme Court Justice
Constandinos Himonas, a Utah Supreme Court Justice
Kevin Worthen, the 13th President of Brigham Young University

How many people from Castle Country have achieved greatness at the state, national or even world level?

We also have some great social cultural organizations. There are senior music groups, history and anthropology groups, quilting/fabric guilds, archery groups, trap shooters and a variety of religious groups. Most of us support the Greek Festival, the Christmas events in Helper, Oktoberfest and many community fundraisers, etc.

Yep, I’m Tom Roush and I am a proud resident of Castle County. I happily share this community with some great people. It is a great place to live and a great place to raise kids.

Let me know if you have additional “great accomplishment” about Castle Country be emailing roushtv@gmail.com

Tom Roush
Carbon County

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