Letter to the Editor: Concerned Water Users Group Questions Local Decisions


When the going gets tough do we need a reservoir? And who is going to pay for it? Is it going to be drinkable water? Is the location accurate (Garley Wash)? Is the location safe? Will it really bring in Economic Development to Carbon County or just to the property owners of the land for the Reservoir? Reservoir vs. Piping? These are some of the many questions that need to be answered and the “Concerned Water Users Group” are the ones asking the questions. This is the first of many articles that will try and answer these questions.

A meeting that was held on March 27, 2017, 3:00 pm at the Price River Watershed Council of the lower elevation, AKA: Garley Wash; was also attended by some of the members of the “Concerned Water Users Group.” During that meeting on the 27th, some of the members for the Concerned Water Users Group, Lloyd Vance, Norm Hansen and Dave Allred were able to ask questions. Some of those questions are mentioned below.

What is the reality of this reservoir; is it culinary (drinking) or irrigation (non-drinking) water? Kerry Van Dyke with Jones and Demille answered this question very clearly; the reservoir would be strictly for IRRIGATION. Lloyd Vance, who is a member of the “Concerned Water Users Group,” is the individual who asked this question of Mr. Van Dyke. Just a thought, if the reservoir is strictly for Irrigation and not drinking, then most of the County residents will not benefit from this Reservoir even though all the property owners of the County will have to pay for this Reservoir. Not sure that the Concerned Water Users Group sees the Economic Development in that either. Businesses that do want to come to Carbon County and set-up shop won’t be able to use the water from Garley Wash because there won’t be any treatment plant built to treat the water from Garley Wash. So, where is the Economic Development benefit of this Reservoir?

How are they anticipating funding this? This was another question that was asked at the meeting by a member of the “Concerned Water Users Group”, Norm Hansen. Again, the answer was clear by Mr. Van Dyke, The Tax Payers will be paying for this Reservoir. Again, where is the benefit for the Property Owners of Carbon County to have the Garley Wash Reservoir?

What agency has jurisdiction on the safety of this Dam sight? Is it the BOR (Bureau of Reclamation)? Mr. Van Dyke said, No, it was the Utah Dam Safety. Dave Allred, member of “Concerned Water Users Group” was concerned about the actual safety of the Dam and whom the governing body that over sees this safety issue.

On April 9, 2017 was the most current meeting held by the “Concerned Water Users Group.” The questions that are listed are just the beginning for the Concerned Water Users Group to ask of the Price River Watershed Council of the lower elevation; aka, Garley Wash Dam and Reservoir.

The public is welcomed and encouraged to these meetings and the next meeting for the Concerned Water Users Group will be Saturday, May 6, 2017, 1:00-2:00pm located at The Old Spring Glen School.

Also, the public is welcomed and encouraged to the Price River Watershed Council, which is Monday, May 22, 2017, 3:00 pm located at The Carbon County Fairgrounds Event Center.

The taxes of the tax payers of Carbon County are already being raised this year and a few more years to come. How much more can be pulled out of our pockets to fund projects that we cannot afford?

Concerned Water Users Group
Carbon County, Utah

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