Letter to the Editor: Deer in Carbonville

Over the last 3 to 5 years I have received increased pressure and vandalism from DNR’s deer. I have spoken to DNR twice this year regarding the vandalism their deer are imposing on my property. They communicated that they are making no effort to control their herd.

I stated I should have the right to protect my property from the vandalism perpetrated by their deer. I also mentioned, if it was my animals destroying the trees and bushes at their office complex, they would be threatening me with trespassing and impounding of my animals.

When a homeowner spends thousands of dollars on landscaping and then watches it be destroyed by deer, we should have the right to exterminate the deer. I should not have to spend hundreds of dollars for net and chicken wire and then look at my landscape wrapped in wire for 6 to 8 months a year.

I believe DNR should have to make some efforts to control the destruction and vandalism their deer are perpetrating. I have been on their website and other parts of the state have programs to deal with this type of vandalism.

(Website is wildlife.utah.gov/wildlifenews2323-dealing with urban deer)

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