Letter to the Editor: Elected Officials


I am the Carbon County Treasurer, even though I worked in the Treasurer’s office for 26 years I was unaware of all the County Treasurer responsibilities until I actually had the job. I have learned so much in the last four years on my own and I still experience new things all the time and I lean on other Treasurers through out the state at times.

Working in the County is not automatic qualification for an elected position or a guarantee that the appropriate knowledge and skills are in place.

I am sure that honest elected officials would agree they did not know what it was all about until they were in office. The Assessor, Recorder, Attorney and even the prior Auditor I am sure would agree that they too still experience new things all the time.

I work for the County. I see and know what and how people work, I am not an outsider looking in. I believe in hard work and I have work ethics that stem from a long family history on both sides. I hope I have done a good job for the people of Carbon County and thank you for allowing me to work for you. Believe me, it does matter who you work with and how you work together to make the county run.

Thank you.

Kay Colosimo
Carbon County 

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