Letter to the Editor: Emma Park Road

It’s great that the state and the two counties got the road ownership worked out. Now if they could only change the county boundaries of Utah county so that they have no say in this at all. If you look at the map with the article or most renditions of the state of Utah, it is painfully obvious that the northern boundary of Carbon County should extend to Avintaquin ridge, which also is the boundary for the Ashley National Forest.
It is equally obvious that the northwest corner of Carbon County should include all of the upper Price River drainage.
IF it were so, Price and Helper would safely control their main drinking water sources, and the PRWID would control the watershed.
Carbon County could get back control of the taxes the railroad has been paying to Utah and Wasatch, yes Wasatch counties, for the past 100 plus years. Then, if the new rail junction is ever realized, it would only make sense that the rail yards be controlled by Carbon County.
The sheriff’s department is already patrolling the area anyway.
Another bonus would be that Whitmore Park and Minnie Maud, and most of Nine-Mile would be in Carbon County, not Duchesne.
This is what most people think is so anyway.
It would not be that difficult. The county boundaries have all been changed at least four other times since the Territory of Utah was established.
Of course, property lot lines would be followed. We have satellites and computers now that can redraw and notify the property owners.
Richard Winn

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