Letter to the Editor: Italian-American Heritage Month


Utah celebrates October as Italian-American Heritage Month thanks to a resolution sponsored in the state legislature several years ago by Helper’s Italian lodge Stella D’America. The resolution was approved thanks to efforts by State Senator David Hinkins and State Representative Christine Watkins.

Governor Gary Herbert signed the resolution in an elaborate signing ceremony in the Gold Room of the state capitol. Members of the Helper lodge, as well as representatives from other Utah Italian-American organizations, were in attendance at the ceremony.

It wasn’t too long after the Utah action that the U.S. Congress took cue and designated October as Italian-American Heritage month nationwide.

It was only appropriate that the month of October was selected for the designation because it is this month that Columbus Day, a national holiday, is celebrated. Columbus was an Italian born in Genoa and sailed under the colors of Spain when he landed at the islands off Florida in 1492. There are suggestions that Columbus Day should be abandoned and every Italian-American in the country should vigorously oppose this.

Walt Borla

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