Letter to the Editor: Local Elections Will Affect All Residents


Dear Editor,

It is an off-year election and voter turn-out is expected to be low. Sadly in this years primary elections a dismal 85% of registered voters did not participate in that most important election to determine who would be running for office. 15% of voters made that choice. Yet this is an election that will most intimately and immediately affect each of our lives and that of our families. 

We are very fortunate this year to have several people as candidates for local offices. These people have stepped up in civic responsibility in an effort to contribute to their respective communities. They have each spent countless hours and at very least $500 dollars in their campaign efforts. They have put their ideas, values, and reputation out for public scrutiny, knowing that if elected they will certainly face opposition and some criticism in many actions they will take. They have done so with the promise of very little personal benefit, yet serious responsibility. For example in Price City the mayor receives approximately $1,018 plus benefits and a retirement contribution in total monthly compensation. Price City Councilpersons receive approximately $512 per month plus benefits and a retirement contribution. Each of these people expend an average of between 20 and 30 hours a week in their positions. Those figures compute to averages of approximately $10.18 per hour and $5.12 per hour respectively, while they are responsible for administering a budget of 27 million dollars. Each of these candidates deserve our admiration, respect and gratitude. 

We can best show that by actively participating in the election process by 1st identifying specific things we value and want  to see in our communities and what we are personally willing to contribute in achieving that. 2nd by knowing the candidates and the issues, 3rd by VOTING, and 4th) by then working with elected officials to make our communities progress towards achieving their potential  Keep our communities great, Vote and Support.

Jim Piacitelli
Price, UT

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