Letter to the Editor: Magical Christmas Tree


The Story of the Little Magical Christmas Tree in the middle of nowhere.

If you have ever driven on Highway 6 and passed the turn to the small, quaint town of East Carbon, or turned to this town of East Carbon in December, you have been treated to a little bit of magic in the middle of nowhere by a little Christmas tree lit up to greet you and say “Merry Christmas.” It evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, joy, peace and happiness.

Some travel this road every day going to and from work, and each have their own struggles. Maybe grieving the loss of a loved one, being bullied at school, going through a divorce. Whatever it might be, this little magical Christmas tree for a brief moment may give each of us a bit of hope. A time to reflect on life and the true meaning of Christmas. Then, there are the thousands of others that pass by only once, but this little magical tree greets them and perhaps says to them hope does exist, love is real, joy happens, and, for that brief moment, they experience the magic.

The magic has been going on with this little magical Christmas tree since 1999. Thirty one years ago, it shared its magic and has touched many hearts as they pass by traveling to work, traveling to a loved ones, traveling to relocate whatever the reason; it’s there in December as bright and magical as can be. Spreading comfort, joy, peace, hope, warmth and happiness to so many. How did this tree happen to be?

It started with an idea from an amazing lady named Mrs. Wilma Maggio. She saw a live tree growing there all by itself and she thought this tree needed to spread its magic. They decided to give it some life, as it did for five years. Then, one week before Christmas years ago, someone I think the name was Scrooge decided to wrap a chain around it and pull it down, decorations and all.

The next year, Mr. Hemonis tried to plant another tree, but the magic had left the soil and it wouldn’t grow. To bring back this wonderful gift of magic, Mr. and Mrs. Maggio cut down a tree and placed it there. With a little care, love and lights, the magic was back.

As the years continued to pass, Mr. Maggio became ill and was put in the hospital in Provo. He asked his son Dave and his wife Shelly to promise that they would keep this tradition of the little magical Christmas tree going. So, every year, Dave and Shelly purchase a permit and cut down the perfect tree to place in that magical spot.

And so, as the years go by, the magic continues to spread its message of hope to locals, passersbys, truckers and anyone traveling that dark Highway 6 in the middle of nowhere. Next time you pass that little magical Christmas tree, slow down and take a minute to reflect on the goodness of this world and the people in it. Thank you, Maggio family, for keeping this magical moment of Christmas going.

Liz Ferguson

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