Letter to the Editor: Support for Amendment G Benefits Utah students


While the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic stole the headlines, something significant happened during the 2020 Legislative session. Lawmakers and education leaders literally locked arms to show collective support for legislation that would protect, grow and stabilize education funding for the first time in Utah’s history. The measure will only go into effect if you vote yes on Constitutional Amendment G. 

Even though public education has had a constitutionally guaranteed funding source for decades, there has never been a system in place to determine how income tax should be appropriated. That will change if voters support Amendment G. HB 357 legally guarantees the education budget will increase each new fiscal year to cover enrollment growth and adjust for inflation. 

The legislation also directs the state to add funds to an education stabilization account with the goal of building up, over time, a reserve sufficient to support education through a two-year downturn in the economy.  

Amendment G has the support of the PTA, as well as other education stakeholders, including the Utah Education Association (UEA), the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools, the Utah School Boards Association, the Utah State Superintendents Association and the Utah Taxpayers Association. Education stakeholders clearly recognize the benefit of Amendment G. 

Utah needs a public education funding method — our funding source alone has not provided the resources necessary for our children. Vote yes on Constitutional Amendment G and put into action the promise to protect, grow and stabilize education funding.

LeAnn Wood, Vice President of Advocacy, Utah PTA

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