Letter to the Editor: Thank an Officer During National Police Week

When a problem arises that is too big to handle on our own or is uglier than we are willing to become involved in, we are blessed to live in a free and rich republic where three simple buttons on our phones will draw an appropriate response from our Law Enforcement Officers, any day, any time.
National Police Week 2019 is May 12-18. Our Law Enforcement community has had a busy year since National Police Week 2018. They’ve responded to countless calls for assistance during a harsh winter. Our Officers made a number of important drug busts, clearing our communities of life destroying meth, heroin and fentanyl. They’ve responded to 911 calls at all hours and in all weather conditions. Some of those calls were deadly serious. Other calls were for events that do not necessarily fall into the category of “Law Enforcement Responsibility.” Nevertheless, our dedicated officers and dispatchers continued to serve us by handling those calls in a professional manner until proper, often creative solutions could be found.
In our communities, some of us know our Officers by name. They are family members or friends. Others of us can recognize our officers out of uniform in the store, at church or at a game. And, yet others of us have only ever know our officers when they arrive in a marked vehicle. However, all of us live in the peace they afford us. We all go to sleep with the peace of mind that someone is always on watch if a crises erupts in our lives. Take a moment to thank our Law Enforcement Officers during National Police Week or whenever you get the chance throughout the year. Be sure to wave when an officer passes by. To learn more, check out www.policeweek.org
By Jonathan Moor
Vernal, Utah

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