Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Postal Workers

Essential services during this coronavirus crisis? Have you thought about tour local post office? When you see your carrier on the street many miss the the bigger picture. The center of a trillion dollar industry with 650,000 + dedicated Postal professionals who collect, process and deliver your letters, magazines and packages. Behind every carrier are many others: clerks, mail handlers, custodians, truck drivers, pilots, nurses and more.
They are all on the front line as are many others in their occupations. Postal employees risk contact with contaminated mail, serve sick customers unable to leave home, thankful when handed their potentially germ laden envelopes in this time of hyper awareness.
The post office is the last bastion of the country to close and usually the first to open after hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires and yes, pandemics. All due to the hard work and dedication of your neighbors, friends and colleagues of the U. S. Postal Service. When you get those letters, favorite magazines, packages, yes even advertising items known as “Junk Mail” thank your carrier and all the other postal employees that made it possible no matter the adversity.
Walt Borla,
Retired Postmaster, Helper    

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