Letter to the Editor: The Historic Carbon County Building


Dear Editor,

In reply to the article in the newspaper about the decision of the old building in Price, the old Carbon Rec building next to the train tracks should be torn down. The roof is extremely unstable and unsafe. Even if someone wanted to buy the building, it would take too much money and restoration to redo it. 

What should be done with that land is that first the building needs to be torn down and then a newer, more stable building should be built in its place. The building is dangerous and not an important part of Price’s history anymore. The train company did away with that building because it was too hard to keep up with the restoration, and so should we.

In place of that building, there should be a new building built their that could be like a safe home/space for kids that have bad home situations or have been kicked out and have nowhere to go. I personally ride bus 51 every day and usually there are more than a few kids who talk about their bad home situations. This would help with the number of suicides that happen here in Carbon County, and it might also help these kids to be able to raise their grades. It might also reduce the amount of abuse because these kids won’t be at home. So, they won’t have to take the physical and mental abuse their parents might dish out to them.

We can’t just tell the young kids of this time that their opinions don’t matter and that they don’t have it that bad. Some kids have a really hard time at home and its not their fault; they can’t control the way their parents are, only how they act. But, if the kids who truly need help at home and other adults won’t believe them about it, they would be able to have a safe place to stay if that building would be built.

The project would take a lot of work, but if we got construction crews and the right people to help back this up, it could happen. An increase in taxes could work because it would be better than everyone who pays for the drugs and alcohol of underage kids. 

In conclusion, please consider tearing down the old Carbon Rec building and putting a new, more stable building in its place. This building could be a safe space for kids who have a hard time at home; they need somewhere where they feel loved and safe too. All kids deserve that.

Jayden Allred
Carbon School District Student
Helper, Utah

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