Letter to the Editor: This Year’s International Days Celebration


This year’s International Days celebration was one for the record books. Although no official count is kept, the size of the crowd in the park bounced back to pre-pandemic levels and participation in the various events seemed bigger and better. It seems people were ready to get outside, interact with friends and family, and, more importantly, have a great time and celebrate. Thank you!

International Days is the biggest celebration Price City hosts during the year and it always takes the entire community to pull it off. Organizational meetings begin each year in February to ensure its success each summer. This year seemed to be extra special. The core of the effort falls to Price City employees from the mayor to the streets department, utility workers, library staff and city council members, but the heart of the effort is parks department supervisor and dedicated staff. Add to that, representatives from dozens of local volunteer groups, businesses and dozens of other groups, the event happens on time and successfully.

This year’s celebration seemed to be extra special. While walking through the park and listening to the many live bands, our community pride was evident. It was fun watching young couples walk arm-in-arm, seeing couples with young children staking out their piece of lawn in the park, seeing locals and others crowded around shady spots with their favorite restored car and especially seeing thousands crowding the sides of Main Street for the parade; we all felt life was back to normal after two difficult years.

Price City is back. We still face difficult times ahead, the economy is shaky, inflation will stick around, the budget will need to be watched closely, but our collective attitudes are good and we are confident of where we are.

The lessons learned from the past will help us pull through the future and with reinvigorated determination, we will overcome the potholes (real and imagined) placed in our way.

Thank you everyone for being part of a refreshed and renewed vision of success.

Layne Miller
Price City Council Member

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